Group makes ‘handy’ donation to river rescuers

By mission, the Snake River Fund strives to work hand-in-glove with its partners. So when given the opportunity to help alleviate cold hands of warm-hearted river rescuers, it was, hands down, an easy choice.

The Snake River Fund donated $2,000 to Star Valley Search and Rescue (SVS&R) in 2013 to help the community volunteer organization purchase water gloves, as well as repair one of its rafts.

Star Valley Search and Rescue is an important player in Jackson Hole-area river emergencies, responding to an estimated 6 to 18 river-related calls per year. Most of the SVS&R river-related calls are to the Snake River Canyon, with less-frequent calls to the Greys and Salt rivers. SVS&R has 48 volunteers who are organized by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Afton, Wyo.31QXxfHb3uL._SY300_

“We really appreciate the dedication and professionalism of Star Valley Search and Rescue volunteers, who help save lives on the river,” said Rebecca Reimers, the Snake River Fund’s executive director. “We want to do what we can to ensure they have the tools they need to do their job and stay safe.”

Lindsay Gardner, of Star Valley Search and Rescue, said the gloves would be greatly appreciated and used by all. “Thanks again for providing us with a little extra funds to purchase something that we can truly use to assist on river searches,” he said.

The Snake River Fund has made donations of money, equipment and training to the Star Valley Search and Rescue program since 2000. The money comes from individuals’ donations to the Snake River Fund.

The mission of the Snake River Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is to promote stewardship of and recreational access to the Snake River watershed in Wyoming, with an emphasis on partnerships, education and public outreach.

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